We know that you work hard to take care of yourself so it can be frustrating to experience negative effects of aging, but the good news is: there are safe, effective methods of reducing the appearance of such signs of aging. 



You don't have to feel nervous about wanting to feel better

  • I started noticing lines in my forehead and deeper lines around my eyes and hollows; it made me aware I was getting older and I didn’t feel as attractive or as desirable. I want to remain attractive to potential partners; I don’t want to be seen as an old man.

  • I began placing more importance on taking care of myself by teeth whitening, using cream on my skin, mud masks, flossing, and getting pedicures. But still, amongst men, it’s hard to admit that I do take care of myself with Botox®. I want people to know I respect myself and take care of my appearance not because I’m insecure, but in fact the opposite. I’m proud of my health and the way I take care of myself.  

  • My fears about getting Botox® include getting an infection, it not working, having big bruising, looking fake, and having to take time off work. 

  • There’s a perceived stigma I’m doing something only women do, but I know this isn’t the case.

  • I don’t want to be overlooked or disregarded as I age; I want to remain competitive in the job market. It’s important for me to still look like I have experience and am established without looking old or worn out.

Who are our male


  • Business owners 
  • Welders
  • Teachers
  • First Responders
  • Executives
  • Graphic Designers
  • Ranchers
  • Truckers


And, you could do it all with minimal downtime or risks. 

You could maintain your youthfulness while still looking like yourself. 

You could enhance your strong jawline for a more masculine and attractive appearance.

“I was so surprised how well it worked for my occupational hard hat lines in my forehead. They were completely gone after Botox®” 

- Aaron



We lose 1% per year of collagen so by the time you are 40 you have lost 20% of the collagen in your face.

This leads to thin crepe skin under your eyes, wrinkles, and deeper marionette lines around the mouth. 

The key is to inject Hyaluronic Acid (Dermal Fillers) to draw moisture back into these areas and rejuvenate the skin. By doing so, we can correct under eye bags and replenish hollows in the mid-face and cheeks, and redefine your strong jawline giving you a more youthful, energetic appearance.

With my training and experience I am able ensure consistently good results in filler application to give you a more healthy youthful appearance while still looking natural.  


We carry a wide spectrum of injectable fillers and during your complimentary consult we decide which cohesivity of product to use base on your areas of concern. 

Our goal is to help you look awake and refreshed not frozen or puffy. Nobody comes into the clinic asking to look 20 years younger, they do, however, come in saying they just want to look like they did 5 years ago or “Pre-Covid”

“Thank you for a truly amazing first experience with micro-needling and Botox®.  You were honest and upfront with me about what I should do to take care of my skin, and what works & what doesn't.  I felt at ease being your patient.  Us guys wanna look good too!” 

- Scott



Do you struggle
with Excessive sweating
or Migraines?

Botox® is not just great for treating fine lines and wrinkles. We can also reduce the the effects of Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)  with results lasting 6+ months and Migraines with results lasting 3 months.

Let’s get you booked
in for a complimentary consultation!

Consultations are completely free and customized to each individual’s goals and budget. This is an organic process and we tailor your “recipe” to your needs.