Feeling drawn and skin appearing DULL? Suffering from HAIR LOSS?  Look within yourself for liquid gold.

How does prp work? 

  • Blood is drawn from your arm
  • It is placed into a hour glass tube within a centrifuge and spun to separate out 3 layers 
  • We harness the high concentration PLATELET RICH PLASMA (the gold colored layer) 
  • This "Liquid Gold" can be injected into your areas of concern such as hair line, tear troughs, nasolabial folds, and over the entire surface of your face during micro-needling 
  • With our advanced World PRP tube system we can achieve a higher yield of PRP thereby allowing us to provide microneedling to your neck and declotte during the same treatment, as a premium added value at no extra cost to you

PRP involves a 3-step procedure:

A Natural approach

For Skin rejuvenation: 4 treatments 1 month apart on average, repeat as needed for desired results the following year.
For hair loss, 5-6 treatments may be required.

Little to No

Treatments take about 1 hour and require no downtime afterwards. 


PRP repairs hyperpigmentation & stimulates collagen and elastin which restore skin thickness & elasticity, effectively smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.

PRP also stimulates dormant follicles inducing hair regrowth  for both men and women. 

prp for hair loss

Is your hair thinning as you age?

PRP is a non-surgical option to stimulate hair growth in men & women

Men & women both experience hair thinning as they get older, but it’s much more common in men

Platelet rich plasma provides improved blood supply to the hair root, stimulating dormant follicles 

Improves rate of success in those with hair grafting 

PRP may darken hair due to thickening of the hair shaft

Viviscal Pro vitamin supplements available with PRP hair growth treatment or to purchase on its own

prp for collagen

Use what nature gave you to combat signs of aging and bring back the brillance to your skin 

Volumizes tear troughs

Decreases dark under eye circles

Regenerates collagen in naso labial folds around nose and mouth

Brightens dull and pigmented skin

Fills hollowed temples

Plumps up cheeks and accordian lines  

prp can be directly injected into hollowed areas

prp Microneedling

Reduces the size of enlarged pores


Smooths fine lines around eyes & mouth

Treats melasma and rosacea

Lightens dark pigment, age spots

Induces collagen & elastin to give skin a more youthful appearance

Gives a Dewy Glow to the skin  

Brightens complexion 

Flattens scars such as acne & C-section


the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights

“I had a PRP microneedling appointment with Shanna today and she was so warm and welcoming.  She explained everything as she went along.  I'd highly recommend her for any of your facial needs.  She's very professional, her studio is very hygienic, warm and clean.”

- leanne


Trust your skin to a skilled health care professional

Knowledge is power


Pricing, area specific dosing ranges, and comprehensive service information to inform, educate, and calm any pre-consultation nerves.  Pricing quotes require an in person Complimentary Consultation based on your unique anatomy and budget.  

LET’S Take the guesswork out of cosmetic and therapeutic injectables pricing.